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LIVE FROM MARS: Educators Classroom Connection


Mrs. Weiser
Jefferson Elementary
Minot, ND

We had a school wide reading program called "Reading is Paradise." My students chose as their theme, "Mars is Ours!" We watched the Live From Mars 2002 broadcast, they read information on the website, did dioramas and wrote paragraphs. Some of them found photos in magazines, but I must explain the 'astronaut' in some of the dioramas.....last summer when I attended the NASA Education Workshop at NASA Ames Research Center in CA, we all got to 'don' that suit, so the kids had a lot of fun putting me on their Mars surface!

The fun thing is that if you lived on Mars, there would be no humans to bother you, just aliens. You would have to live in a dome and wear space suits when you went outside. You would be the first person on Mars. Iíd go there because it would seem like paradise.
by Joe

My Paradise

My paradise is Mars. If I lived on Mars, I think it would be cool. I would like to see the craters. If I was the first kid to go on Mars, I would take Mrs. Weiser because she would like to go there. Another reason I would take her is because she like to teach space.
by Morgan

Life on Mars in 2102

I think it will be warmer. There will be water in the craters that will look like wells. There will be space ships for baby aliens who canít walk yet. The colors of the stars will change. They will have a patriotic flag on Mars. The aliens will have a certain amount of colorful eyes. They will have pets that resemble the ones on Earth.

The people will have shields for protection from wind and dust storms. The aliens will choose to stay on Mars and not travel to other planets. The aliens do not hurt each other. They have names like Protozoa, Juneaziod, Momzoid, Zokium and Corazion.

They will use the circular rock on Mars for marbles. The babies will play 'leap alien' for fun and they will be able to jump as high as the Milky Way. The dogs play catch with the rocks that are thrown by the aliens.
by Chelsie


Mars is the fourth planet from the sun. There are one-eyed aliens on Mars. The astronauts saw the aliens and got scared. The astronauts got hit with a crater and knocked out. The umbrellas to protect them from the sun got broken. Before they finally left Mars, the astronauts put up a flag so everyone would know that they had been there.
by Torrie

2102 Life on Mars

On Mars there are little holes with small volcanoes inside of them. There is a large NASA flag left behind by the astronauts. The weather is warm and you can see shooting stars. There are brown, green and light brown rocks on Mars.

There are several kinds of creatures on Mars. Some are tall and some are small. The creatures are flying their spaceships to get to work and buy Mars food. They have an umbrella to keep them protected from the shiny sun.
by Karie