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LIVE FROM MARS: Educators Classroom Connection

Gates Intermediate School
Mr. Lindgren

Charlie Lindgren's students in action

Our two technology teachers (a.k.a. shop teachers) were asked to revise their curriculum to agree with the new Massachusetts Frameworks where technology is embraced as a part of school curriculum instead of a "special subject." As a result both of them have designed a unit involving motion. One uses rockets and the other uses model CO2 cars. This year I convinced them to add Newton's Laws to their curriculum and it made a great tie-in to the PTK unit on rocketry. Below are two photos of the recent launch.

The students built the rockets from scratch, and there is an unofficial contest to see which rocket will go the highest with all using the same size engine. Measurements are taken by two other students using an inclinometer (also constructed in the class) at a fixed distance (200 feet) from the launch site.