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The Road Less Traveled
To the Ice Shelf & Back
A Weather Station will be Installed
Antarctica is in Charge
Students on Board
Core Curriculum
Studying Seals
Life in the Cold & Deepening Dark
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The Bird-Watcher Who Saw the Future
Orville Huntington - It's a Changing Thing
Richard Glenn - At Home in Two Worlds
Alaskan Native thoughts on climate
Cruising the Bering Sea
Welcome Aboard the HEALY
Seals & Scientists on Ice
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Cape Town to Troll Station
Getting Ready
The Traverse Begins
A Musical "Happy Holidays"
Into the Heart of Whiteness
Drilling, Differentials & the Pole of Inaccessibility
Victory Awaits
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Getting to Greenland
Welcome to Summit Station
Captain Jack & the Halogen Hunters
Part I | Part II
Going Green in Greenland
Studying Earth's Fastest Glacier
(PBS NewsHour)
Reading Ice Cores
Ice Drillers are Hard Core
Undergrads at Work

POLAR-PALOOZA PodCasts come in many flavors:
    APLIS Lifestyles    
    APLIS Science    

  • New Music Video Just In!Take AIM at Climate Change! New music video! The lyrics (by Ben Jackson) are based on today's science, the music - by "Rhythm, Rhyme, Results" featuring Tommy Boots and Jené - are rap/pop, and we hope the end result is both more awareness of polar research during the 4th International Polar Year, Earth's changing climate, and some ideas about what each of us can do. Sing along, and "Take AIM..." - Adapt, Innovate, Mitigate.

  • Life in the Cold and Dark - John Priscu's extended season in the Dry Valleys - the first time participants in the US Antarctic Program have stayed on this late in the spectacular Dry Valleys, as Antarctic summer becomes 24/7 night. And a 4-part podcast mini-series from the Pine Island Glacier Research Expedition documents the harsh reality of doing science in Antarctica, where nothing goes as planned, and ingenuity, patience and dedication are always required, plus a two-parter featuring LSU grad students in "From Louisiana to Antarctica", and a look at studying Antarctic seals.
  • Expeditions & Explorers - (Such as ANSMET, the Antarctic Search for Meteorites), or Jackie Grebmeier's Bering Sea cruise, or a 3 month long high adventure traverse inland towards the South Pole from Norway's Troll Research Station with Mary Albert and Jan-Gunnar Winther: see The Traverse Begins.
  • Misperceptions Fun ways to explore where penguins live, and where polar bears do not, which polar region is sea-ice over ocean, and which a true continent. Yes, this will be on the Earth science tests, since exploring the poles helps anyone understand how our planet works.
  • Laboratories on the Ice Reports from some of the scientific field camps, such as APLIS and NPEO: see the HDvCC section for descriptions.
  • Lifestyles of the Cold & BoldTM (Yes, we've trademarked that phrase because we like it so much!) Hang out with mountaineers and field guides and see how to survive crevasses. See what makes ice drillers "hard core" explorers!!! And we do answer the question, where do you go to the bathroom when doing polar research. Browser discretion advised.
  • Miscellaneous (or anything we really, really like, and think you will too!) Such as an amazing 4,500 km trip via snowmobile from Fairbanks, AK, to Baker Lake, Canada. Check out the POLAR-PALOOZA trailer -- now playing -- and stay tuned for "Penguins Do The Cutest Things", and much more.

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