P2K videos provide the real-world context within which students can appreciate the importance of the scientific principles they are learning. The videos also offer lively portraits of today's researchers and the research process.

"PASSPORT TO ANTARCTICA", for example, brings Earth's coldest, windiest, iciest-and most remote-continent home for students studying earth, life and physical science.

  • Find out what it's like to live at the very end of our planet, at America's South Pole Station, where scientists probe the ozone hole.
  • See how researchers in isolated field camps use explosive charges to track ice movements and detect possible global climate change.
  • Trek across 1,000 meters of subzero ocean to participate in a census of Weddell seals.
  • Accompany researchers to the Allan Hills to look for meteorites from the moon and Mars, and brave temperatures close to 100 below.
  • Sail across the stormy Drake Passage-some of the roughest seas on Earth-to Palmer Station, off the Antarctic Peninsula, America's premier research base for work on Giant Petrels and Adelie Penguins.
P2K videos personalize the adventure of doing science, and make some of the most challenging, remote and otherwise inaccessible places on Earth familiar to students.