P2K'S unique online infrastructure "delivers" for teachers as well as students. Mail lists and discussion forums invite teacher-to-teacher sharing-questions, resources, examples of classroom success, resulting in a nationwide, virtual, "Faculty Lounge"...
By participating in "PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE" your students can
  • Understand the key concepts of middle school science
  • Interact with the world's best researchers
  • Visit unique and otherwise inaccessible locations
  • Use authentic scientific procedures to solve real-world problems,
  • And put the tools of the information age to work.

    As a teacher or administrator you need to know, does "PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE" work?

    Supported by the National Science Foundation, a 3-year evaluation produced solid evidence of positive student learning outcomes. P2K'S use of integrated video, online and hands-on materials had powerful effects.

    Student interest in science and technology was UP 20% when ALL 3 media were used together. Teachers reported many youngsters, including some otherwise unmotivated, responded more positively to P2K projects than to instruction using textbooks alone.

    So kids LIKE PASSPORT, but are they really LEARNING the material you've required to TEACH? Analysis of "LIVE FROM MARS" showed a 22% BOOST in student work demonstrating evidence of the National Science Standards, and related the improvement directly to P2K activities.

    And teachers with decades in the profession tell us that P2K has re-energized their careers and attitudes, and provided them with the best and most practical example of how to use new tools, new educational technologies and new teaching practices successfully.