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    Written, Produced & Directed by
    Geoffrey Haines-Stiles

    Cinematographer, Editor & Field Producer
    Brian D. Igelman

    Jane Purcell

    Field Producer, FL
    Betty Francis

    Executive in Charge
    Erna Akuginow


    Online Moderator
    Eileen Bendixsen

    Broadcast Coordinator
    George R. Beneman, II

    Video graphics
    University TV Center, Mississippi State University
    David Hutto, Director
    Paula Hindman, Graphics Coordinator

    Website design, development and support
    Craig Concannon, Coordinator of Multimedia Productions
    Lamont Berger, Senior Producer, Special Projects
    MSU University Television Center

    Clearance Coordinators
    Vickie Markel, KOCE
    Elizabeth Ebel-Nuwayser


    P2K gratefully acknowledges the use of footage from

    The Weather Channel, Inc.
    NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
    UCAR/EPA Climate Stock
    NCAR Scientific Computing Division
    NCAR Visual Communications
    NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
    WEIU-TV, Dan Mount
    John Kermond, NOAA/OGP

    NOAA GOES satellite imagery
    visualized by NASA GFSC

    Teacher's Guide, Poster, and Project Designer
    Greg Moraes Studio

    Thanks to the students, staff and teachers
    Beers Street Middle School, Hazlet, NJ
    Charleston Middle School, Charleston, IL
    Leon High School, Tallahassee, FL


    Special Thanks

    Louisa Koch, DAA, NOAA/OAR
    Jack D. Fellows & Lucy Warner, UOP, UCAR/NCAR
    Amy Holman, NOAA/OAR

    Jeff Kimpel, Director, NSSL/NOAA
    Jerry Jarrell, frmr. Director, NHC/NOAA
    Capt. Don Winter, Director, AOC, NOAA Corps

    Jana Goldman, NOAA/OAR HQ, Silver Springs, MD
    Cyndy Schmidt, Karen Kelly & Kathy Strand, UCAR/NCAR
    Ernie Hildner, SEC/OAR/NOAA

    Keli Tarp & Kevin Kelleher, NSSL/NOAA/OAR
    Barbara McGehan, ERL/NOAA/OAR, Boulder, CO
    Erica Van Coverden, AOML/NOAA/OAR
    Ron Gird, John Leslie, Randee Exler, NOAA/NWS
    Pat Viets & Fran Holt, NOAA/NESDIS
    Madelyn Appelbaum, NOAA PAO
    Joyce Gross, NOAA PAO
    Marc Kagan, NOAA HQ AV
    Gerry Dittberner & Mike Mignogno, GOES & POES Managers, NOAA/NESDIS
    John Kermond, OGP/NOAA/OAR
    Hugh Willoughby, Chris Landsea, Frank Marks, Shirley Murillo, Sim Aberson and all at AOML/NOAA/OAR
    Dennis McCarthy, Doug Speheger and all at the NWS Forecast Office, Norman, OK
    Nita Razo & Linda Carbone, NCAR

    NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
    Bob Adler, Joanne Simpson, Chris Kummerow, Marshall Shepherd, Jeff
    Halverson & Alan Nelson, NASA GSFC, TRMM Mission
    Wade Sisler, GSFC & NASA-TV
    Fritz Hasler, Mike Manyin, Meredith Bene and the Visualization Studio, NASA
    Cynthia O'Carroll, NASA GSFC PAO

    and all the men and women of

    Hurricane Research Division/NOAA
    National Hurricane Center/NOAA
    NOAA Corps
    Aircraft Operations Center, Tampa, NOAA
    IPEX Field Campaign, NOAA/University of Utah
    KWAJEX Field Campaign, NASA TRMM/NOAA
    Jeff Rosendhal, AAA, Space Science, NASA
    Malcom Phelps, Deputy Director, Education Division, NASA
    Nahid Khazenie & Nora Normandy
    Earth Science Enterprise, NASA

    Chris Cappella
    USA TODAY Weather

    Hall Davidson, KOCE

    for Streaming Video
    IBM and AVID Technologies
    Terry Duff, Melanie Tremaglio & Chuck Eichholtz

    Andrew Netburn & Alan Baldwin

    Jacques Servain, IRD, France

    Web Hosting and List Management
    Rich Kurnik
    Pinnacle Mall, WV

    Project Director
    Geoff Haines-Stiles

    Executive Producer
    Erna Akuginow


  2. UNDERWRITER ANNOUNCE (00:15) [59:29]
    LIVE FROM THE STORM is made possible, in part, by support from NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration...
    ...and by NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration…
    ...and by UCAR, the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research.

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