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Jackie Richter-MengeJackie Richter-Menge
US Army Corps of Engineers Cold Regions Research & Engineering Lab

Ms. Richter-Menge graduated with a Master of Civil Engineering from the University of Delaware and has been with the US Army Corps of Engineers Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL) since 1981. In association with her research, Ms. Richter-Menge has gained significant first-hand Arctic experience leading or participating in more than 15 field programs. Her research has focused on developing a more comprehensive and quantitative understanding of Arctic sea ice cover.

Results have been used to help design Arctic-based offshore oil platforms, to improve the operational capabilities of surface vessels and submarines that travel in ice-covered waters, and to better understand the role that the polar regions play in the global climate system. She has presented her work in over 30 peer-reviewed journal publications. From 1997-2006, Ms. Richter-Menge served as CRREL's Chief, Snow and Ice Branch.

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