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This page lists and pictures some of the contents of the video component of this project, a schedule for viewing the broadcasts, and information for ordering the video tapes.

Program Content

On November 9, l995: The Great Planet Debate
This 30 minute program introduced the entire project, and announced the on-line discussion which led to a December 1995 consensus decision about which planets to observe.
The four astronomers who served as "Planet Advocates" for the on-line debate (Reta Beebe for Jupiter, Marc Buie for Pluto, Heidi Hammel for Neptune and Carolyn Porco for Uranus) each presented reasons for using three HST orbits for "their" planet, and summarized key scientific goals which could be achieved.
Presenter Bill Gutsch reviewed the history of Space Telescope (launch, servicing mission, most revealing and amazing images, current capabilities).

Seeing the Program

The Live From the Hubble Space Telescope programs will be broadcast live over PBS and NASA Television . Each PBS affiliate independently decides its own programming schedule. Therefore, any teacher hoping to receive the broadcasts from their local PBS station should contact the station to determine their plans regarding Live From the Hubble Space Telescope. As we receive reports from the PBS network about which stations will carry the broadcasts live or on tape delay, or any information on international broadcasting, we will share that information here.

Ordering Video Tapes

VHS videotapes of the Live From the Hubble Space Telescope programming can be ordered from PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE

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