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Kids' Corner

The Kids' Corner is the place to see kids: in action in the classroom and featured through their artwork and puzzlers.

Featuring Birthday Cards to Dr. Clyde Tombaugh, discoverer of Pluto, on his 90th Birthday

Student Stumpers

Student Stumpers challenged kids to make riddles for other kids to solve. Student Stumpers was a terrific way to get to know like-minded kids all over the world.


Received March 14, l996:

In what year was the Hubble originally scheduled to launch and what delayed the launch?
 Answer to: Tom  (clicking on "Tom" would send a message to him on the real pages)

Why is no life form found on the moon?
 Answer to: Abby

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This page was created by Tobin Snell and Josh Parker, seniors at Palo Alto High School in California.