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HST Team

Meet the HST Team Members by reading their bios, field journals, and much more!!

Scientists and Researchers

Planet Advocates:
Reta Beebe (Jupiter), Marc Buie (Pluto), Heidi Hammel (Neptune), Carolyn Porco (Uranus)
Other astronomers and assistants: Sanjay Limaye, Richard Glover

Heidi Hammel

Planet Advocate for Neptune

Prof. Hammel was a principal force in planning Hubble's studies of the impact of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 on Jupiter, but has recently been concentrating on Neptune. Like our other Advocates, she is committed to involving the general public in cutting-edge astronomy, and believes the Internet can provide unique access. She sits on the Time Allocation Committee of STScI, and is very much involved in Hubble logistics.

Space Telescope Science Institute

HST Commanding Astronomers:
HST Commanding Astronomers are responsible for the actual commands that go to the various HST instruments, such as when to turn them on and off. This is done to help ensure the health and safety of these sensitive instruments.
HST Instrument Scientists:
HST Instrument Scientists develop and maintain the telescope's instrument's calibration program, reduce and analyze the resulting calibration data, perform instrument-related data analysis and generate technical documents. Most Instrument Scientists also devote a portion of their time on their own astronomy research.
Sylvia Baggett, Chris Burrows, Jeffrey Hayes, Robert Jedrzejewski, Howard Lanning, David Soderblom

Wayne Baggett

I am an astronomer who writes computer programs to control the exposures taken by the science instruments on the Hubble Space Telescope; my primary responsibility is for the High Resolution Spectrograph, although most of my time these days is occupied by getting ready for the next servicing mission. The scientists who want the pictures or spectra request the details of their exposures (exposure time, filter, instrument, type of exposure), and after their request is processed through some other computer programs, the programs I work with create the


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