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Viola TonioloViola Toniolo
Stanford University

Viola Toniolo is a field biologist, technical climber and mountaineer, and an experienced location videographer. She is currently pursuing a PhD on the foraging ecology of Adélie penguins at Stanford University. She received a BS in Biology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Cornell University in 1998. She is a co-founder and board member of "Oikonos", a non-profit group working locally and internationally to increase ecosystem knowledge through science, art, technology, education, and applied conservation. Viola and her colleague Grant Ballard work closely with David Ainley on studies of Adélie penguin behavior at such sites as Cape Royds and Cape Crozier in the Antarctic. Their work is featured in the ANIMAL PLANET documentary, "Return to Penguin City", which premiered in March 2008.

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