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Charles BentleyCharles Bentley
University of Wisconsin, Madison

Charles Bentley has done geophysical studies of the Antarctic ice sheet and the crust beneath, using both surface-based and satellite techniques. One focus has been the ice sheet of West Antarctica, much of which lies on a bed far below sea level. Knowledge of ice thickness, ice properties, and basal conditions, particularly on the fast-moving ice streams, are needed to understand the past and present dynamics of the ice sheet.

Professor Bentley is Emeritus Professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison and is the Principal Investigator for Ice Coring and Drilling Services, of the Space Science and Engineering Center that provides ice cores and boreholes for NSF-supported projects in Antarctica, Greenland, and elsewhere. For his extensive contributions to Antarctic glaciological research he was awarded the Seligman Crystal of the International Glaciological Society in 1990.

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