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Opening Eyes to Sun-Earth Connections Opening Eyes to Sun-Earth Connections
American researchers hold a workshop for Ethiopian science teachers in Addis Ababa, providing hands-on supplies... and inspiration.
Science in Barrow - From IPY1 to the first IHY Science in Barrow - From IPY1 to the first IHY
During the January 2008 IHY "Polar Gateways" conference, an exploration of how collaboration between visiting researchers and the local community date back to the first IPY, 1882-1883.
Heliophysics Below Zero Heliophysics Below Zero
Researchers hunt the aurora, describe why space weather affects life on Earth, and explore how our planet's polar regions provide analogs for extreme conditions across the solar system.
Icy Analogs The Earth's Poles as Analogs to Other Icy Worlds
How the Poles help NASA researchers appreciate Pluto, the ice dwarf planet, and think about the possibilities for life in - and under - the frozen surfaces of Mars and Jupiter's moon, Europa. Scenes of testing martian robots and outreach to the local Barrow community.
Space Age and Perceptions of America The Space Age and Perceptions of America
In this fifth and final SUN TO STARS vodcast, six leading space researchers explain what drew them to America and to involvement in the US space program. Participants include Charles Elachi, Director of NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab, Nicky Fox (Johns Hopkins APL), Miguel San Martin, a JPL engineer who's worked on Pathfinder, the Mars Exploration Rovers, and the upcoming MSL, Earth scientist Isabella Velicogna (UC Irvine and JPL), Tom Krimigis (JHU APL), and Cassini mission planner Yanhua Anderson. They argue the US space program is unusually open to bold new ideas, strengthens the nation's science and technology workforce, and has generated positive perceptions of the US around the world.
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