This will be fun to analyze and explain! - DOW2 Log, 2/17/2000

Jeff Trapp, Ph. D.- NOAA/NSSL   02/10/00
Research Meteorologist,
NOAA/National Severe Storms Laboratory and
Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies
Boulder, CO

The P3 has been flying since 9:00 am, and is due to land at 5:30 pm. From what I understand from Jim and Jose in the Ops Center, the P3 scientists have had a good day of data collection. In addition, Dave Rust successfully launched 3 of his balloon-borne electric-field-measuring instruments. (Ed. note: look to see images of all these teams at work as we add to the LIVE FROM THE STORM site.)

   This certainly has been one of the most perplexing events observed thus far in the project, and, almost as certainly, will be one of the datasets that we'll fight over in the weeks and months ahead!

5:10 pm
   Jim couldn't provide me with a compelling reason why we should continue. I'm quite satisfied with our mission today. And, since I'm beginning to nod off in my cushy chair in front of the radar display, I'm ready to quit for the day. Luciano is in complete agreement.

   We're back at the Ops Center by 5:45. I reposition the radar antenna to reduce the amount of snow that will accumulate on the radome overnight. After browsing some of the weather maps of the day and a quick debriefing with Jim Steenburgh and Dave Schultz, I return to the hotel. I was too late for the hotel's "Hospitality Activities," but join several of the other scientists at Luke's Italian Restaurant for a nice meal and stories about the day.

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