S h i r l e y  M u r i l l o

   Facing challenges
   I work in a field where only 10% are women. In HRD, I'm the only Hispanic woman meteorologist. To me it's not something that discourages me from continuing in this field, rather it gives me strength to pursue bigger and better things. I go out to schools whenever I have a chance and talk to students (like you) about what I do. I encourage young girls to get interested in science too.

   So when I'm not at work, I enjoy outdoor activities. I like to go rollerblading, camping and hiking. I also enjoy gardening. I have a small rose garden. I sometimes go jogging with my two dogs. I also have a black cat and two parrots (macaws), but they don't go jogging with me! Occasionally I go to the movies or a good bookstore.

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   Well I still have a whole list of goals that I'd like to accomplish. For starters, I'm going back to school. I'd like to get a masters degree in meteorology and eventually a Ph.D. I want to travel to faraway places. There is so much to see out there

   I've been very lucky throughout my life so far. I've had great opportunities come my way. Sometimes I look back and think "wow, I've made it this far." I also look ahead and see I have a long way to go (I'm only twenty-something). Hopefully doors will continue to open for me along the way. If there is one thing I've learned is to keep your head up. Don't forget about your dreams. If you work hard, anything can happen.

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