Public Television Stations Carrying LIVE FROM THE STORM

   This list of stations currently confirming carriage of the two LIVE FROM THE STORM broadcasts will be updated in coming weeks. P2K believes this information to be accurate, but in all cases please check in advance of the broadcast to ensure neither day nor time has changed and to avoid disappointment if you plan to watch live with students!

   In the 2 date columns, "3/7/00" and "4/11/00" means carriage by stations live at the time of the original feed, i.e. 13:00-14:00 Eastern. Where other dates are indicated, please check with the station Instructional TV (ITV) coordinator (or with local listings, if available) to ascertain time of broadcast. "TBD" indicates that the station was unable to furnish P2K with a confirmation of date and time of broadcast. "NO" means that the station is already fully committed to general interest childrens' programming, such as the popular "Ready To Learn" block, instead of instructional TV. Or that they don't know what stations in NY, LA, San Francisco and the state networks of Georgia, Kentucky and Iowa all do--that P2K programs are worth carrying. If you would like to see your station carrying the LIVE FROM series, please contact them: stations appreciate hearing from educators and viewers all year round, not just at Pledge time. Call and say "I want my P2K!" (Hey, it worked for music television.) A blank field indicates no information at this time: we will attempt to fill them all in with follow-up calls before the broadcasts.

LIVE FROM THE STORM program 2 aired April 11, 2000 at 13:00 Eastern

LIVE FROM THE STORM program 1 aired March 7, 2000 @ 13:00 Eastern!

State City Station Date/Time for 1st Program Date/Time for 2nd Program
HI Honolulu KHET/Hawaii Public Broadcasting tbd tbd
IA Council Bluffs KBIN 03/24/00 04/11/00
IA Ft. Dodge KTIN 03/24/00 04/11/00
IA Iowa City KIIN 03/24/00 04/11/00
IA Johnston KDIN 3/24/00 4/11/00
IA Mason City KYIN 03/24/00 04/11/00
IA Red Oak KHIN 03/24/00 04/11/00
IA Sioux City KSIN 03/24/00 04/11/00
IA Waterloo KRIN 03/24/00 04/11/00
ID Boise KAID  tbd  tbd
ID Moscow KUID    
ID Pocatello KISU    
ID Twin Falls KIPT  tbd  tbd
IL Carbondale WSIU/WUSI,SIU tbd tbd
IL Charleston WEIU 03/24/00 04/11/00
IL Chicago WTTW    
IL Chicago WYCC    
IL Macomb WMEC    
IL Moline WQPT    
IL Olney WUSI 3/7/00 4/11/00
IN Bloomington WTIU tbd tbd
IN Evansville WNIN 3/7/00 4/11/00
IN Fort Wayne WFWA    
IN Indianapolis WFYI 03/07/00 04/11/00
IN Indianapolis WTBU WFYI WFYI
IN Merrillville WYIN    
IN Muncie WIPB    
IN Vincennes WVUT    
KS Bunker Hill KOOD    
KS Topeka KTWU    
KS Wichita KPTS    
KY Ashland WKAS 03/07/00 04/11/00
KY Bowling Green WKGB 03/07/00 04/11/00
KY Bowling Green Way WKYU    
KY Covington WCVN 03/07/00 04/11/00
KY Elizabethtown WKZT 03/07/00 04/11/00
KY Hazard WKHA 03/07/00 04/11/00
KY Lexington WKLE 03/07/00 04/11/00
KY Louisville WKMI 03/07/00 04/11/00
KY Louisville WKPC 03/07/00 04/11/00
KY Madisonville WKMA 03/07/00 04/11/00
KY Morehead WKMR 03/07/00 04/11/00
KY Murray WKMU 03/07/00 04/11/00
KY Owensboro-Henderson WKOH 03/07/00 04/11/00
KY Owenton WKON 03/07/00 04/11/00
KY Paducah WKPD 03/07/00 04/11/00
KY Pikeville WKPI 03/07/00 04/11/00
KY Somerset WKSO 03/07/00 04/11/00
LA Baton Rouge WLPB    
LA New Orleans WLAE    
LA New Orleans WYES    

Last Updated on 3/06/00

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