B r u c e  J u r c e v i c h
Associate Program Manager for the Solar X-Ray Imager (SXI) program
Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center, Palo Alto, California

Bruce demonstrates the special "grazing incidence" mirror used for the Yokhoh spacecraft. The light "bounces" back towards detectors.

I work with a great team of scientist and engineers who together make these science missions a success. I really can't think of any significant dislikes that I have about my job!
In the LIVE FROM THE SUN videos, Bruce and LMSAL engineer Barbara Francis, give us a tour of the Palo Alto spacecraft assembly line.

Personal Information

I live in San Jose, Calif. with my wonderful wife, Karin, and our 8 month old daughter, Summer. We spend our free time working around the house or playing with our daughter, teaching her everything we can. When we find the time, we both love to golf. I also manage to find some free time to play guitar, and right now I am learning to play the piano.

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