Getting Ready For Our Amazon Adventure

So now with official papers in hand, and probably a couple of sore arms, you start the REAL work of preparations—deciding what to take along! Since our visits to the rainforest will include stays at research camps, a good starting point is to pack for camping. Hiking boots, lots of socks, shorts, tee-shirts, head-gear and insect repellent (a must). And since this is the rainforest, a good rain slicker is key! We were advised not to bring that old staple-jeans or denims because it’s too hot and wet. The camps range from fairly primitive to extremely primitive, so you’ll also need to remember a flashlight for those middle of the night visits to the “latrine”.

As with any trip, ultimately the best preparation requires information, so we read lots—books, magazines, Internet stuff. Try to read up all you can on the place you will be visiting—the weather, history, people, food, the local landscape, scenery, etc. Not only will you find out what you need to do before you go, you’ll also have a much better time when you get there!

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