L i v i n g    A n d    W o r k i n g    I n    T h e    R a i n f o r e s t

When you walk through the forest you’re always looking for things. You look where you put your feet, you look where your hands are going. You’re looking for snakes, you’re looking for spiders, you’re looking for ants, especially ant-defended plants, which can be especially nasty—these very small ants, but getting a LOT of them on you! You’re looking for wasps’ nests, you’re looking for spines. You don’t put your hand anywhere without looking where it is going. You don’t place your hand on a tree without looking at the tree. It’s really just common sense. It’s really just being smart when you are working in the forest.

I always carry a snake bite kit, for if I was bitten by a viper. I always have a pen and paper. I carry a candle, because if you’re trying to light a fire in the rainforest, it’s a much easier way than using matches. I carry a small compass. So these are some of the everyday things of just making sure that you are covered. We always carry plenty of water—it’s a good idea! Although it rains and you’re in a rainforest, it’s very hot and you lose a lot of water. You can get heat exhaustion very quickly working the forest, so you just need to be aware of what you’re eating. Making sure you eat plenty of salt, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water primarily.

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