L i v i n g    A n d    W o r k i n g    I n    T h e    R a i n f o r e s t

Why did I come to the Amazon? Well, the Amazon is one of those places where you’re always using the words the “biggest” or the “best,” and in many ways to work in the rainforest here is to work in the largest area of rainforest. It’s working in one of the areas which has one of the highest diversity of bird species, one of the highest diversity of plants species, of anywhere in the world, so it’s a very exciting place to be and to work here as a scientist.

I think one of the nicest experiences I’ve had was to encounter a pair of spider monkeys in the canopy. While being on the floor of the forest, to see a pair of spider monkeys up close and to have them see me too, and respond to me. Not that they were very pleased to see me! They were shouting monkey words at me and throwing down sticks. But just that feeling that we were interacting. Not that they were so positive about it, but I think that was really exciting to see that.

I can’t think of a bad thing. I’ve never really had a very bad experience working here. There’s the bites, there’s the spines. . . when you have to open up a trail and you might get a whole lot of spines all over your body that are painful. . . sore muscles, insect bites, feeling like you’re never going to be beautiful again, but there’s no really bad experience I’ve ever had.

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