L e a f    C u t t e r    A n t s

Well, I think that the sort of program you are doing now, an educational program, and focusing on the Amazon, it is very important. We have all kinds of educational programs that talk about lions and elephants and all kinds of things like that, which are not from the Amazon. So the students need this information, and more regional information, which will help the students learn more about what the Amazon region is, how it works, how does the forest work. In fact, for many Brazilian students, the Amazon is not so close to home. Most of the Brazilian population lives in the South of Brazil, and, in fact Manaus is about the same distance from Sao Paulo (the most populous city in Brazil) as Miami is from Manaus.

You need to have motivation to work in the forest, a very clear-cut objective, and I think the more that you learn about the forest, the more you want to know about the forest. So that keeps your motivation high and keeps you going to the forest. When you are in the forest you feel good, because you’re in a really nice place, with the sensation that you are the only one there, and you are doing things that no one has done before, so that keeps you really going and going.

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