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UPDATE # 45 - July 11, 1997

PART 1: July WebChat Schedule
PART 2: Touchdown +6!: Available Soon on Video
PART 3: Pathfinder Briefings Available From C-SPAN
PART 4: Mars Pathfinder Update
PART 5: Subscribing & Unsubscribing: How to do it!


Tuesday, July 15, 7 a.m., Pacific, Peter Thomas
Peter, a research scientist at Cornell University, studies pictures of
other planets and satellites sent back by spacecraft. His particular
interest is in Mars and how the wind shapes the surface by moving sand and
dust, sometimes in global storms, and how the polar caps have affected
Mars' geology and climate. Peter will fill us in on the current climate on
Mars. Read Peter's bio and journals at:

Tuesday, July 22, 9 a.m., Pacific, Jack Farmer
Jack is an exopaleontologist--a searcher for fossils on other worlds. His
most important contribution to the Pathfinder mission to date was to
recommend the landing site at the mouth of Ares Vallis (a large outflow
channel). While it is unlikely that Pathfinder will discover fossil
remains of ancient life forms, it may allow us to determine if the right
kinds of rocks are present, that is, rocks of sedimentary origin that
could harbor a microfossil record. Read Jack's bio and journals at:

Due to the large number of anticipated participants, it is necessary for
you to register for WebChats in order to participate. All you need to do
is RSVP to no less than 24 hours in advance in
order to reserve a space for yourself. You will receive confirmation of
our registration and a password to enter the chat room. If the chat rooms
are full by the time you register, you can still participate by observing
the chat from the observation room.


While many of us were deeply disappointed when NASA-TV did not carry
"Touchdown +6!," live as scheduled, this broadcast will soon be available
on videotape for you to purchase. More details should be available by the
time of next week's Updates-lfm.

NASA intends to reschedule the full two-hour coverage of both "Touchdown"
(LFM 3A) and "Touchdown +6!" (LFM 3B) after completion of this current
shuttle mission, either on July 17 or 18. The plan is to air the
broadcasts, one after the other, starting at 1 p.m., Eastern and
continuing at 2 p.m., Eastern and then repeating the coverage. Stay tuned
for more details...

Here is a sampling of what you will see and hear...

Live from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, Mars
Exploration Program Manager Donna Shirley gives us a visual tour of the
landing site on Mars and describes what Sojourner is up to and her future

LFM host David Seidel asks Donna how her dreams of Mars and the real
pictures from Mars match up. Donna's response, "It's just unbelievable,
it's beyond my wildest dreams! That everything would go so smoothly, that
everything would go so perfectly, and that it would be so spectacular! I
mean, this is Matt Golombeck's place. He's the project scientist who
picked this site and really had to work hard to sell people on landing in
such an interesting place and it's really paid off!"

Mission Manager Richard Cook describes the young team that made Mars
Pathfinder happen and the camaraderie they developed in seeing this project
through. "Pathfinder represents a real opportunity to go from the
very beginning of a project, all the way through the operation and go to
the very end. The time frame is just five years!"

The enthusiasm of the Mars team and the fact that we all know them through
their bios and journals really comes through in this broadcast. In
addition to meeting many of the team members, kids from all across the
country asked and emailed questions.


Videotapes of the NASA-TV Mars Pathfinder Mission press conferences are
available from C-SPAN. Below is a list of the press conference dates, tape
length and price.

7/2  1 hr 25 min  $45.00
7/4       48 min  $29.95
7/4       56 min  $29.95
7/5       50 min  $29.95
7/6  1 hr 13 min  $45.00
7/7  1 hr 24 min  $45.00
7/8  1 hr 26 min  $45.00
7/9       46 min  $29.95

To contact C-SPAN call: 1-800-277-2698, select #2.


July 11, 1997

For the most current science results and weather reports from Sagan
Memorial Station and Sojourner, and to see the most recent images of Yogi
and Scooby-Doo, visit the Mars Pathfinder Web site at:


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