Live From Mars was active July 1996-December 1997.

Live Interactions

During the course of the Live From Mars project, various NASA experts were available for live interactions with students.

Also, weekly sessions were held to connect adults using LFM with one another and with Live From Mars staff. These regularly scheduled WebChats provided a chance to get familiar with the system before a scheduled conference with a NASA expert.

These events happen using Web chat, a technology in which you type brief thoughts while others are doing the same thing.

Chatting with Mars experts

Thank you to everyone who participated in chats during the school year! Your excellent questions made these chats extremely valuable, both for kids around the world and for the Mars experts!

Archive of Web chats with Mars experts.

Tips on how to prepare for the Web chats.

Chatting with other teachers, LFM staff and others

On Thursdays regularly scheduled Web chats were held.

Archive of Web chats with teachers and Live From Mars staff