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DECEMBER 6TH                                                  UPDATES-LFA-1

Hello to everyone and welcome to the first newsletter update of the Live from Antarctica project. We will be sending you a message weekly to let you know what is taking place on the project. In the Teacher's Guide we describe the project as have three components, or three T's:

  Television                Telecommunications              Teachers

We will use these three components to organize these online newsletters.

          /-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/    TELEVISION    \-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\

We are one week from the first program which will be broad- cast LIVE at 2:00 EST on December 13th. The COLDEST, WINDIEST, ICIEST PLACE ON EARTH will focus on the geological clues to the movement of all of our continents over the past 750 million years. Here is an outline of the topics:


  1. Geology of the Antarctic
  2. Antarctic Weather and Climate

You will also see students and teacher in Texas and Maryland on this program.

Call you local PBS station to see if the programs will be carried live. If you have questions, you can call station relations of Maryland Public Television at 410 581-4124.

       /-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/   TELECOMMUNICATIONS    \-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\

We have been hard at working creating online resources and services for you at four different computer network locations:

We have a system of conferences available through Internet Email:

updates-lfa: The reports about what is currently happening in Antarctica. Also, this weekly newsletter and other notices about this and future Passport to Knowledge projects

discuss-lfa: A General Forum for Teachers who are following the Live from Antarctica project through email. This group will be invited to join theme oriented Learning Centers to explore topics from the four programs. 

We are also developing a Web Home Page which we hope will be available in the next week. The URL is http://passporttoknowledge.com/antarctica

There will also be similar LIVE FROM ANTARCTICA online resources available from

  PBS Learning Link 
  SPACELINK (spacelink.msfc.nasa.gov/spacelink/hottopics/Live.from.Antarctica)
  Virginia Pen 
           /-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/    TEACHERS    \-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\

Discuss-LFA has grown to a list of over 120 educators and interested individuals who are exchanging ideas, resources, information about their classes, and expectations for their own involvement in Live From Antarctica.


Our membership hails from all over the United States, with a couple of international members from Australia and Canada. States represented include: North Carolina, Washington, California, Alaska, Florida, Kentucky, Nevada, Virginia, Michigan, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Georgia, Oregon, Ohio, Texas, and New York. And this is just based on the introductions posted to the list, not the entire membership.

Whether you are new to the Internet and just introducing your students to their first Internet-based project, like Tom Clauset of North Carolina or Sharon Huntzinger of Spring Arbor, Michigan or you are an experienced facilitator of Internet projects like Barb Twite of Victoria, Australia, Live From Antarctica has attracted a diverse group of educators, students, and telecommunications mentors.


Here is what the write:

-> Jeri Lynn Fryberger and Jo Lynne Robers of the Portland, Oregon area are hoping to extend their space program to Antarctica. They have developed their own space station mock-up and will use Live From Antarctica to help students understand the rigors of life in hostile environments.

-> Second grade teacher, Catherine Ney, a Christa McAuliffe Fellow cross-curricular and cross grade level projects for her K-6 school.

-> Sixth grade student, Luke Weber, from Port Townsend, Washington will be using the Live From Antarctica for the focus of a student magazine he is helping to design and compile.

-> Laura Thorpe, 10th grade biology teacher from Wainwright, Alaska hopes to use Live From Antarctica to help broaden her students global outlook on the Earth. Her students are settling into the winter's "sunless" days while Antarctica has nightless days.

-> Ted Kahn, educational researcher from the Institute of Research and Learning (IRL), Palo Alto, California, invited the Discuss-LFA members to consider use of "The Antarctica Project" materials developed by IRL. Student design teams use a special CAD-like (Mac based) tool to design a research station for scientists who will be living for a period of time in Antarctica. This unit was adopted by California Math Renaissance--the California state systemic initiative in math education reform used by 150 teachers all over California. For more information, contact: Karen_Powell@irl.com

-> Katie Wallet from Virginia encourages teachers to access The New South Polar Times, a newsletter written by Katy McNitt, who will be featured on one of the Live From Antarctica programs. Students can submit their contributions, which can be published on WWW or gopher by sending their files to: courtla1@pen.k12.va.us

The URL for New South Polar Times (which is only available via WWW from Deakin University) is:


Of course you will able to link there from the Live from Antarctica home page very shortly.

We are beginning to create a more project based structure and invite all of you to join us:


So we hope you are all planning to join us in some way as we take to Ice of Antarctica.

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