Live from Antarctica is a co-production of Maryland Public Television and Geoff Haines-Stiles Productions, in association withWTTW/Chicago. The New Explorers joins MPT to present Program 3, "Spaceship SouthPole," which links Antarctica with Chicago, Virginia and Hawaii. The New Explorers is a co-production of WTTW/Chicago and Kurtis Productions Ltd.

Live from Antarctica is made possible, in part, by support from the National Science Foundation (which funds and manages the United States Antarctic Program), the Information Infrastructure Technology and Applications Program of NASA's Office of High Performance Computing and Communications, NASA's Education Division, NASA's Office of Life and Microgravity Sciences, PBS K-12 Learning Services and PBS ONLINE, and the U.S. Department of Energy.

Prentice Hall School Division is the official education publisher of the print version of the Live from Antarctica Teacher's Guide.

Additional support comes from the Center for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica (CARA); the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago; NASA's K-12 Internet Initiative, the NASA Science Internet, NASA Spacelink; NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration); PBS ONLINE's Learning Link, and ASA (Antarctic Support Associates), NSF's contractor for field operations.

Satellite uplinks and other production assistance are provided by the Hawaii Department of Education (Office of Information and Telecommunication Services), the University of Hawaii and KHET, Hawaii Public Television; "H-E-B" Satellite in the Classroom, KRGV Weslaco and the McAllen Independent School District, Texas; the University of Virginia Curry School of Education and the Charlottesville Public Schools; and KUAC-TV/School of Engineering, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Fairbanks, Alaska, North Star Borough School District, North Star Educational Network, Barrow, Alaska.

Live From Antarctica Project Staff

Project Director & Executive Producer

Geoffrey Haines-Stiles

Executive in Charge of Production for GHSP

Erna Akuginow

For Maryland Public Television

Raymond K. K. Ho, President and CEO James Abbott, Esq. General Counsel Gail Porter Long, Vice President, Education & Telecommunications Carol Wonsavage, Promotion and Publicity Steve Reverand, Coordinating Producer George R. Benaman II, Production Manager

For WTTW/Chicago and The New Explorers

Ed Menaker and Bill Kurtis

Curriculum & Classroom Activities Development Team

Pat Haddon, Grade 6 science teacher, Summit Middle School, New Jersey April Keck Lloyd, 3rd grade/Educational Technology, Burnley-Moran Elementary, Charlottesville, Virginia Patty Miller, Kid Science Teleschool Teacher, Hawaii Department of Education Margaret Riel, Ph.D., Interlearn, Encinitas, California James S. Sweitzer, Ph. D., Center for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica, Chicago, Illinois Jan Wee, Library Media Director, West Salem Middle School, West Salem, Wisconsin April S. Whitt, Fernbank Science Center, Atlanta, Georgia Bruce "Chip" Daley, Clark Country School District, Las Vegas, Nevada

National Advisory Board

Joseph D. Exline, V-QUEST Project Director, Virginia Department of Education, Virginia Dale Andersen, Exobiologist, NASA Ames Research Center, California Nancy Attinger Greely, Catholic Television Network, San Francisco, California Camille Moody Jennings, NASA Education Division, Langley Research Center, Virginia John Rummel, Marine Biological Laboratories, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

NASA K-12 Internet Initiative

David Dobervich, Gunn High School Jennifer Sellers, Sterling Software Marc Siegel Chris Tanski

PBS Online & Learning Link

Cindy Johanson Francis Thompson

NASA Spacelink

Bill Anderson Flint Wild


Deane Rink (Antarctica) Richard Dowling (US)

Field Video/Telecommunications Crew

Charles Kramer Brian Igelman Thom Stone Roxanne Streeter

Project Development

Marcie Setlow, Setlow Media Inc. Neal Brodsky

Special Thanks

Guy Guthridge, Manager of Polar Information, Office of Polar Programs, NSF; Malcolm Phelps, Chief, Technology and Evaluation Branch, NASA Education Division; Patrick Smith, Manager of Electrical Engineering OPP, NSF; Thom Stone and Roxanne Streeter, NASA Science Internet; Pat Kaspar, Ames Research Center; Linda Billings, NASA Life and Biomedical Sciences Program,Charles Benton, Films Inc./PMI; Deana Bergquist, NASA Science Internet; Bill Burnett, NASA Industry Education Initiative;Gary Davis, NOAA; Elizabeth Ann Felton, Northwestern University,Doyal Harper and Robert Lowenstein, CARA;-Fritz Hasler and Alan Nelson, Goddard Space Flight Center;-Barbara Isard-Stone, V.P. Marketing Communications, Prentice Hall; Bobbi Kennedy, V. P. Continuing Education, SCETV: Kristin Larson, NASA; Ed McDonald, Chicago Museum of Science and Industry; Thomas Pyke and Danielle Miller, GLOBE;Jerry Noel, Executive Director, H-E-B Satellite in the Classroom, Texas;Alan Feldman and Bob Tinker, TERC;Sandra Welch, PBS K-12 Learning Services; Andy Wratchford, PSCN/Marshall Space Flight Center; Antarctic Support Associates; Telecast Fiber Systems, Inc.; Digipix Editorial Inc.; the men and women of the United States Antarctic Program.