Journal from April Lloyd, December 14

Well, gang, it is less than 40 hours before I take off for Antarctica. I can tell you that I am a little apprehensive. I don't feel worried that anything bad will befall me, or that things won't be wonderful. What is most concerning me is all the little things that have to be done here at home before I can take off. It is a little bit like the feeling you get when you leave for a trip and can't remember locking the door, turning off the oven, locking up the dog or cat...anyway, that is a bit like what I am feeling right now.

Yesterday my class watched the Live From Antarctica show and will be watching tomorrow at 2:00. We are hoping that when we are doing Program 3, that Mr. Haines-Stiles will know that many of the people of Virginia are watching the program. It is supposed to be January 10th at 5:30 in the evening (call the local PBS station if you are unsure).

Well, my eyelids keep dropping making typing really hard! I will try to give you all another update tomorrow!

Bye! AL