Lilliput in Antarctica, produced by Jacques and Jean-Michael Cousteau, The Cousteau Society Book Service, 1990, 48 minutes, VHS only. Cousteau and six children chosen from six continents become adventure-ambassadors to the southern ice cap’s huge glaciers, humpback whales, playful penguins, and incredible elephant seals.

Antarctic Adventure produced by Fenton McHugh in conjunction with Sea World USA, Bennett Marine Video, 1989, 30 minutes, VHS only. (The Blue Frontier Series.) Researchers brave the elements to find the penguins. They attempt a unique experiment in penguin egg incubation in order to better understand and preserve these birds.

Antarctic Wildlife Adventure” produced by National Geographic Society, 1991, 60 minutes, VHS. $24.20, order # A51481. Set sail with a family of real-life explorers for the remote and starkly beautiful continent on earth— Antarctica. Aboard the 50 foot schooner, Damien II, a husband-wife naturalist team and their three sons will guide you on a voyage of a lifetime…rocky coasts, towering icebergs, pristine wildlife.

Antarctica produced by National Geographic Society, 1991, 25 minutes, color VHS. (Physical Geography of the Continent Series, gr. 4-9) $110.00, order #A51443.

Antarctica: Life in the Freezer, by British filmmaker Sir David Attenborough.

Antarctica: Frozen Ambitions, $69.95, available from PBS Video, P.O. Box 791, Alexandria, Virginia 22313-0791 include $8.50 in shipping and handling.