Books for Older Readers

Voyage Through Antarctica. Richard Adams and Ronald Lockley, Alfred K. 
Knopf, 1982, 160 pp., illus.
Antarctic Science. Edited by D.W.H. Walton, Cambridge University Press, 
1987, 280 pp., illus.
Antarctic Wilderness at Risk. Barney Brewster, Friends of the Earth, 1982, 
125 pp., illus.
Antarctica: The Last Continent. Ian Cameron, Little Brown and 
Company, 256 pp., illus.
South to the Pole by Ski: Nine Men and Two Women Pioneer a New Route to 
the South Pole. Joseph E. Murphy, Marlor Press, 1990.
Wild Ice: Antarctic Journeys. Ron Naveen [et al.], Smithsonian Institution 
Press, 1990, 223 pp., color illus.
The Greenpeace Book of Antarctica: A New View of the 7th Continent. John 
May, Doubleday, 1988, 192 pp.illus.
Antarctica: An Encyclopedia (2 volumes) John Stewart, McFarland, 1990, 
1220 pp.