Books for Middle Level Students

Antarctica: The Last Unspoiled Continent. Laurence Pringle, Simon & 
Schuster Books for Young Readers, 1992, 56 p., color illus..
The Arctic and Antarctic. Cass R. Sandak (New Frontiers Exploration in the 
20th century), Franklin Watts, 1987, 32 p., color illus.
Antarctica (Place in the News series.) Gail B. Stewart, Crestwood House, 
1991, 48 p., illus.
Investigating the Ozone Hole. Rebecca Johnson, Lerner, 112 p.illustrated with 
photographs. (Rebecca Johnson may be one of the featured guests on 
Program 4. Her book is comprehensive and clearly written about ozone 
research in Antarctica with excellent color photographs, maps, and charts.) 
Outstanding Science Trade, Books for Children, 1994.
Desert of Ice: Life and Work in Antarctica. W. John Hackwell, Charles 
Scribner's Sons, 1991,40 p., color illus.
How Did We Find Out About Antarctica? Isaac Asimov, Walker and Company, 
1979, illus.
Our Endangered Planet: Antarctica. Suzanne Winckler and Mary M. Rodgers, 
Lerner Publications, 1991, 64 p.
Conserving the Polar Regions (Conserving Our World series). Barbara James, 
Steck-Vaughn Library, 1991, 48 p., color illus.
Polar Regions (Exploring Our World series).Terry Jennings, Marshall 
Cavendish,  1987, 48 p., color illus.
Arctic and Antarctic Regions. Francene Sabin, Troll Associates, 1985, 32 p., 
color illus.
The Arctic and Antarctic: Roof and Floor of the World. Alice Thompson, Dillon 
Press, 1988, illus. 
Antarctic Explorations: Byrd to Brrr. Adlie to Deep Freeze. Susan Finney and 
Patricia Kindle, Good Apple, 1985.