An Introduction to Electronic Field Trips

Time Management


So, this is your first time participating in an electronic field trip, you have used your computer, modem, phone line and an account with some Internet provider. If you are like most of us, you are simultaneously teaching a full load as your day job. Take heart, heroes and heroines of 21st-century education, all you need now is time. New users should plan on spending between 1 and 8 hours a week outside of class. On page 10 of the Teachers guide you sent away for will be some suggestions on "Customizing Your Field Trip" to meet your time constraints.

Of course the 8 or so hours a week will be unevenly distributed throughout the project. You might find yourself running a 15 hour a week commitment doing orientation and preparation work. Then, once the project begins, the work will involve keeping up with the net traffic for yourself and the kids. During this time you will do the following work:


  1. Begin learning about electronic field trips
  2. Join Live From Hubble Space Telescope An Electronic Field Trip


After having used the net for 3 years in the classroom, I strongly encourage the use of a plan B when making your lesson plans...the best laid plans of mice and men and all that. I remember three years ago when I had a project cooking with only one modem and one unreliable Internet provider. The lesson from cooking that project was to get my hands on at least 3 ways to get to the Internet. That way no matter what was broken or down for the class period, my kids didn't get burned. I also learned to design a plan C that used nothing fancier then paper, pencil, and copies of information I already had at hand.

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