Participants in "PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE" don't just watch science being done-
they DO IT for themselves!

Each PASSPORT Module provides a Teacher's Guide full of hands-on activities embodying key curriculum content and the National Science Standards.
• Blackline masters of student worksheets
• Sample hands-on supplies
• Resource videos
• CD-ROMS and more...

These Modules mean teachers start with a complete "turnkey" package to ensure success in any classroom or setting.

The Teacher's Guides provide simple, practical procedures related to real-world content more EXCITING than found in any textbook.

In "PASSPORT TO THE SOLAR SYSTEM", for example, these students use graphing and mathematics to probe the shape of objects hidden in a shoe-box, directly paralleling the way the orbiting laser altimeter aboard Mars Global Surveyor is mapping the previously unknown topography of the red planet.

Young "engineers" are CHALLENGED to design the best way to land a fragile payload-such as an egg-on a hard surface! After several messy trials and errors, they succeed!

These students then have a new appreciation of the technology NASA uses when the "Pathfinder" Spacecraft lands safely on Mars.