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George DivokyGeorge Divoky
Research Associate, Institute of Arctic Biology, UAF

Studying the Black Guillemots of Cooper Island has been a mostly solitary venture for George Divoky for over 33 years. Yet it is precisely this type of extended data set that is needed to monitor the long-term cycles and trends related to climate change and other atmospheric variations. Divoky, in some ways, is the "Charles David Keeling of biology", with research rivaling the 50+ years recording of the gradual increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide. George is founder of the "Friends of Cooper Island" and serves as its Director in collaboration with a governing board. George has been studying seabirds in arctic Alaska since 1970 and holds a Ph.D. from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, where he is a Research Associate at the Institute of Arctic Biology. (For more on George, please see one of the best articles ever written on a scientific researcher, Darcy Frey's cover story in the New York Times Magazine.)

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