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SnowSTAR Barrenlands Traverse
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The North American Arctic: 5,000 km of tundra and taiga in Alaska and Canada. It is a vast land, home to caribou, bear and wolves. It is also home to people in 90 villages and towns. It has harsh weather, a rich history, and valuable oil, gold, and diamonds. It also has a powerful mystique. It is a timeless land, yet it is undergoing unprecedented climate change. It is locked in the grip of frigid winter for 9 months of the year, yet it is also a friendly place. What is the real Arctic? Join Matthew Sturm and his team of snow researchers as they seek answers to this question during a 3500 km snowmobile trip. Check back soon for video reports on the history, culture, and mystique of the Arctic as they traverse the Barrenlands, the heart of the region, and talk to people in villages and towns along the route. Click Here for more information on this project!

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