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The Pine Island Glacier Research Expedition, 2007-2008
A Weather Station will be Installed
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This 4-part podcast mini-series documents the harsh reality of doing science in Antarctica, where nothing goes as planned, and ingenuity, patience and dedication are always required. For more information, please see.

"A Weather Station will be Installed", part 3 in the series, accompanies Holland, mountaineer Galen Dossin, and videographer Cliff Leight as they manhandle the heavy AWS in place, and assemble the electronics, solar panels and wind turbines. At first, the weather's fine, but then - as always in Antarctica - conditions change, and testing has to be done in blowing snow and wind. It's even worse at WAIS: they have to wait, marooned in the field, for the flight that will come to retrieve them from a successful deployment.

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