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Norwegian-US Scientific Traverse
Into the Heart of Whiteness
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In the Antarctic, goes an old saying, no date is certain till it's yesterday. The traverse encounters thicker snow than expected, and a differential over-heats from towing heavy oil drums. Jan-Gunnar Winther waxes philosophical - such problems are normal and to be expected. "Mr Fix-It", Kjetil Bakkland, both medic and mechanic, works his magic and they're back on the road. After a 15-hour day and meals on the run, they reach the first deep coring site. Again, Nature throws a curve-ball: howling winds and -50 degree temperatures. Chief driller Lou Albershardt works with Glen Liston and Tom Neumann - clad in all-white Tyvek suits and medical gloves to ensure ice samples are uncontaminated for chemical analysis back in the USA - and the team reaches 21 meters by midnight. Then it's back on the move. As of late December, it's still more than 1,000 kms to South Pole. To be continued...

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