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November 11-13, 2007 - Atlanta, Georgia

Fernbank Science CenterPOLAR-PALOOZA Atlanta - Climate change, the Poles, and YOU! The Fernbank Science Center houses one of the only planetariums in the nation operated by a school district, the DeKalb County Board of Education. Astronomy curator and PPZA local coordinator, April Whitt, was a TEA (Teacher Experiencing Antarctica) participant, and appeared on camera in P2K's LIVE FROM ANTARCTICA, LIVE FROM THE STRATOSPHERE and LIVE FROM THE STORM specials. PPZA plans to invite local TEA and PolarTREC teachers to PPZA events at all sites and science centers, to add personal stories from "neighborhood" educators to the perspective of our national Travelers.

Join some of America's leading polar researchers and an Alaskan Native as they share "Stories from a Changing Planet", using high-definition video clips, authentic artifacts such as a 3,000 year old ice core from Antarctica, and personal anecdotes to bring the Poles to Atlanta. Earth's polar regions are changing fast, and changes there impact everyone on Earth. Exploring the Poles is also an adventure, and learning about the creatures who live there is a mind-expanding delight. Here's a rundown of events;

Fernbank Science Center Fernbank Science Center
Sunday November 11, 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.
156 Heaton Park Drive, NE
Info - call 678.874.7102
Southern Polytechnic State University Southern Polytechnic
Monday November 12, 6-8 p.m.
In the Joe Mack Wilson Student Center
Info - e-mail pr@spsu.edu

In Atlanta, marine biologist MIKE CASTELLINI explains the amazing adaptations of seals and penguins to the extreme cold. NASA's CLAIRE PARKINSON shares the latest satellite images of ice sheets in the North and South, and shows how and why they're changing fast, and how that may impact polar bears. Research meteorologist MARSHALL SHEPHERD connects the Poles to Georgia through the circulation of Earth's oceans and atmosphere. RICHARD GLENN, professional geologist, Inupiat whaling captain, and resident of Barrow, AK, America's northernmost community, tells stories of how his home is being impacted by climate change. DARLENE LIM, a research diver from NASA Ames, shares her studies on vanishing lakes in the Arctic, and tells how studying Earth's extreme environments prepares us to explore Mars. At Southern Poly, undergraduate JUSTIN JUHAN talks about life at Greenland's Summit Station, where he was part of an experiment studying snow and sunlight this part May.

This coming week NBC and The TODAY Show feature their anchors reporting from the North and South Poles. During POLAR-PALOOZA Atlanta audience members have the opportunity to meet some of America's leading polar researchers in person, and ask all the questions about climate change, penguins, polar bears and the Poles you couldn't get answered any other way.

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