The upper navigation bar uses images and selected script from the programs to background visitors on BLACK HOLES, SEEING THE UNIVERSE and THE COSMIC ECOSYSTEM. Perhaps still more importantly these sections serve as one-click portals to the best NASA and other sites on the WWW. All have been reviewed by educators for content and credibility.

RESEARCH/ers adds images of many of those appearing in the programs to the text-only words published in UPDATES. Coming soon, SITE TOURS of Chandra's home base in Cambridge, MA, NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL, Hubble's brain at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, MD, and JOURNALS of what it's like to keep a space telescope operational.

NEW&NOW alerts you to additions to our website, and also caches recent news releases and other items of interest from sources across America and around the world.

The bottom navigation bar provides resources of special interest to teachers and students.

SEARCH, I'm afraid to say, is not yet functional--but soon we hope we'll have added UNIVERSE to the other P2K website, allowing you to search our newest website by keyword for content.

ABOUT provides key information about PASSPORT TO THE UNIVERSE, the BLACK HOLE and EDGE OF SPACE AND TIME specials, and the ongoing PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE project. The latter uses P2K's Antarctic, rainforest and solar system materials to show how to take best advantage of the integrated suite of video, online and hands-on resources offered by P2K. It also provides comments from teacher participants in previous Modules, and cites some key statistics about positive results in boosting student learning outcomes, which is, after all, the bottom line.

INTERACT is where to find archive copies of UPDATES and DISCUSS, as well as information on the broadcasts, streaming video, and other ways of... interacting with astronomers! This section of the site will really heat up between the air dates of the program and extend through the end of the school year.

EDUCATORS provides material to support teachers in school or at home. We invite you to register, so we know more about who's using the materials with what grades of students. You'll find MENTORS from various grade levels ready, willing and able to answer questions about how to implement P2K in classes all the way from one computer classrooms up to fully-equipped tech labs. (Don't you just envy those T-3 lines!) You'll also find a listing of NATIONAL and STATE STANDARDS which our educational materials development team thinks you can realize through the use of PASSPORT TO THE UNIVERSE. Just add innovative and enthusiastic teaching--that's YOU--and you have the perfect mix of substance and excitement.

STUDENTS' CORNER provides a GLOSSARY edited from Chandra's own online resource, adapted specifically to support each TV program. We've also made the words and concepts into 4 WORDSEARCHES which combine a puzzle format with pop-up definitions. UNIVERSE CONCENTRATION invites students to solve visual puzzles, but also helps familiarize them with the various nebulae and galaxies and wavelengths seen by Chandra and Hubble. And we hope, over the course of the project, that we'll also see student work appearing here, submitted by proud teachers. Consider this an online corridor wall for the public display of superior work!

TOUR is pretty much what you're reading now, supplemented with hot links directly to the pages referenced.

RESOURCES provides a Bibliography of print materials (be sure to check out the books by Couper & Henbest, Ghez and the upcoming Krauss publication) as well as web links and more. Here's where you can also access the GLOSSARY and, since this is a NASA-supported activity, the all-important ACRONYMS list!

Lastly, CONTACT US. Please do!