Hello Students!

Welcome from all of us here at PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE. We hope you're learning lots as well as having major fun with PASSPORT TO THE UNIVERSE! This section of our site is just for you--couldn't let the teachers have their area and not have one for you, now could we?

Just to give your mind a break, we've got a couple of games we hope you enjoy (OK, teachers, the kids will probably learn something while they're trying to beat the clock and solve the puzzles.) There's our own version of Concentration, which we call "Universe Concentration." And there's a slider puzzle that will test your visual acuity.

Then we invite you to show your knowledge by coming up with answers to what we've always called "Challenge Questions", which are published in our UPDATES (to which your teacher or parent may be subscribed) and will also appear in this section of the website. These are brainteasers related to the content of PASSPORT TO THE UNIVERSE that require you to think a little bit creatively, "out of the box," to come up with the correct answer!

Lastly we hope you'll be doing such great work in class that your teacher will want to share it with us via the Web. We're posting something about how to submit your projects here so you'll know to bug them to submit your best efforts, but your teacher will also find full information in the EDUCATORS section. And, yes, we certainly plan to protect your full privacy by only using first names.

We've been having a lot of fun pulling together the video, hands-on and online content of PASSPORT TO THE UNIVERSE. Our website will continue to keep on growing throughout the school year. And you can help us make it better by sending us your suggestions. Don't get goofy on us with wacko ideas: we've got kids of our own that need to go sledding and get ready for baseball season. (Roll on, Spring and Summer!) But we'd love to hear form you. So have fun, learn lots, and...

Onward and Upward,


Geoff Haines-Stiles
and the LIVE FROM specials


Eileen Bendixsen
Online Moderator,