Tuesday April 3, 2001
13:00 Eastern

Dynamic young physicist Maria Spiropulu, from Fermilab, takes us on a tour of America’s largest and most powerful accelerator: from a small flask of hydrogen atoms inside the Cockroft-Walton chamber we follow the path of particles of matter as they speed faster and faster, through miles of tunnels, towards a collision with particles of anti-matter.

Maria Spiropulu


Herman White

Herman White says that Fermilab may in fact be producing more anti-matter than any other place in our Universe at this time! We ride the Tevatron tunnel in golf-carts as Maria explains the process, and arrive in the heart of the massive Collision Detector Facility: since the accelerator is not running we’re lucky to be able to see inside one of the world’s premier instruments for exploring the edge of space and time where the laws of physics as we know them may break down. Graphics and animations explain the highly energetic processes studied at Fermilab and by CHANDRA, where the unit of measure is kilo-electron volts, KeV and even higher energies such as TeV and GeV rather than temperature!


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