Tuesday March 6, 2001
13:00 Eastern


One of the most amazing things about black holes is that while we can't see them, we can weigh them, and determine their mass! CHANDRA researcher Jeff McClintock explains the relatively simple mathematics it takes to indicate the existence of what's almost certainly a black hole.

Jeff McClintock

He's been studying X-ray binary stars since the mid-1980s, and has been one of the leaders in the demonstration of the reality of these exotic phenomena. He says it only takes Newton's and Kepler's laws of motion and gravity to explain something which Einstein's theory of general relativity suggested should exist. It's the same formula, M ~ P x V3, which also allows you to estimate the mass of the Earth from the velocity and period of a satellite orbiting it, or the mass of the Sun from the velocity and period of the Earth.

All this... and many more topics and participants will be seen during LIVE FROM A BLACK HOLE. (Please note that this description and running order may change as the program is finalized. A preview script will be published on this website and as part of UPDATES a few days ahead of the March 6, 2001 broadcast.)

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