Hands-on Activities Demonstrated During LIVE FROM THE EDGE OF SPACE AND TIME

For more information on the Hands-On Activities demonstrated on camera during program 2, and--in most cases--student worksheets and step by step implementation suggestions:

The Scale and Size of the Universe, including background charts with dimensions

Demonstrated by Kathy Flanagan:
The Earth-Moon System
The Solar System with the Sun scaled to 3"
From the Sun to the Edge of the Universe

The above activities also support NASA's MAP mission:

and were developed by
Lindsay Clark
Education/Outreach Coordinator
Microwave Anisotropy Probe
Goddard Space Flight Center, Princeton University,
UCLA, Chicago, UBC, Brown, NRAO

Demonstrated by Andrea Prestwich:
Frame Dragging Activity

Five Activities (including this one demonstrated by Stephen Murray) especially developed to complement the topics covered in LIVE FROM THE EDGE OF SPACE AND TIME.
The Farther Away You Are, the Faster You Move (Hubble's Law).
(includes student worksheets for 3 different activities, including plotting the expansion)