Cosmic Ecosystem
A wide shot of Centaurus A, showing the dark dust lane which astronomers think is evidence of a collision between a spiral and an elliptical galaxy. On the largest scale, our Universe is a violent and dynamic place.

Program 2 in PASSPORT TO THE UNIVERSE, "LIVE FROM THE EDGE OF SPACE AND TIME," explores this new view of the Universe in greater detail... with participants such as Mike Turner, from the University of Chicago and Fermilab, one of the most creative and engaging thinkers about what's called "dark matter" and "dark energy". Live from Chandra Operations Control in Cambridge, MA, Harvey Tananbaum and others will explain the strange new features their telescope has inscribed on our new maps pf the heavens: we'll explore the very earliest seeds of structure in the Universe, looking back with Chandra and the Hubble Space Telescope. Pepi Fabbiano, Christine Jones and Bill Forman from CXO will describe how clusters of galaxies don't sit in empy space but are awash in a sea of interacting gas: it's no cold, dead Universe out there but instead a place more like a living ecosystem, developing over time, growing, changing, evolving.

We hope today's students will be the Copernicus' of tomorrow, figuring out what today we literally only see through a glass darkly, and dimly understand.



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