Two A.M... in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, north of Manaus, Brazil. Biologist Claude Gascon is looking for tree-frogs, which come out to sing, and mate, at night. But the Rainforest is full of wonders...
and creatures to study.
   Claude loves his work but he's just one of thousands of scientists, from the tropics to the poles, for whom cutting-edge science is a great adventure and for whom a life of research is a


How can you bring this world of exploration and discovery to your students?
How can they join these scientists in the field and learn about their research while never leaving your classroom?

Claude Hunting

Now the "PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE" Project invites teachers and students to...
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EXPLORE Antarctica, a whole continent dedicated to cutting-edge research.
the Amazon Rainforest, home to the greatest diversity of plants and animals on Earth.
minds and imaginations by flying to the planets with NASA Missions.
ENLIST leading scientists and engineers as MENTORS for your students, and PARTNERS in your teaching.

Bracey Quote

How does this entirely new kind of learning experience work? "PASSPORT TO KNOWLEDGE" uses an integrated suite of


P2K'S MultiMedia materials provide everything you need to allow your students to do REAL SCIENCE alongside REAL SCIENTISTS while experiencing some of the most exciting and challenging places on Earth.