Student Resource Links

Athena, Earth and Space Science for K-12
Information on Space, Earth, Oceans, Weather and more written on a student level.

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Our Sun
Information about interesting facts about the Sun, how we depend on the Sun, and how the Sun works from NASA's Observatorium.

The Observatorium
NASA's Observatorium is a public access site for Earth and space data with pictures of the Earth, planets, stars, and other cool stuff.

NASA's Space Kids
A good site for students to find information on space science.

Amazing Space
Information and activities for students and teachers on stars, galaxies, black holes and more.

Imagine the Universe
Information on the mysteries of the universe written for students aged 14 and up.

A learning center for young astronomers with information on two levels (reading) about the universe.

The Nine Planets
Statistics and background information on the sun.(4th and up)

Solarsystem Exploration
NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory's website on the Sun.

Views of the Solar System
Excellent background information on the Sun.

Windows to the Universe
Background information on the Sun including recent images, missions, solar eclipses and myths.

The Space Place
Activities and information (Dr. Marc's Amazing Facts) on space science. (4-6)

Information, projects and games on space science.

Earth's Seasons
An animation explaining the reason for the seasons.

The Sun: a pictorial Introduction
Twenty images of the Sun and a basic introduction of the Sun

The Aurora Explained
A student explanation on the aurora including facts and activities.

Eclipse Home Page
Fred Espenak's eclipse page which is THE site for information on eclipses.