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Tuesday March 18, 2003
13:00-14:00 Eastern

Student viewers interact in real-time with researchers at live uplink sites such as NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center and at high latitudes in Alaska, where auroras are frequent and intense. The diverse cadre of on-camera researchers will post BIOgraphies and Field Journals online allowing students to go behind the scenes in ways no textbook can.

Tuesday February 11, 2003
13:00-14:00 Eastern

Provides a state-of-the-art documentary portrait of contemporary aurora science, Earth-Sun connections, and offers teachers classroom-ready background to provide students with information and researcher profiles to engage and excite them in preparation for the upcoming live broadcast. Segments will also be accessible online as streaming video in 4-5 minute units, correlated with the NAS/NRC National Science Education Standards and AAAS's "Benchmarks."

Locations (tentative listing): Earth's magnetic North Pole-Ellef Ringnes Island, Canada; Poker Flat rocket range, Alaska; Sondrestrom, Greenland; Antarctica; NASA Goddard; NASA Marshall; aurora-viewing sites such as Native American sites where myths, such as those of the Menominee, originate; an airliner cockpit, flying the Polar route, Stanford Solar Center, and many more!