"Solar Studies and Sunny Interactions,"

These are some of the comments submitted by teachers to the DISCUSS-SUN list after the broadcast.

Hi PTK'ers,

Hats off again to Geoff & Erna and all of the participating scientists for another outstanding program. Wonderful blend of on-air demos with references to the TG and web sites. Perfect timing for some solar activity.

I'll be sharing this with my students in three separate showings coupled with some classroom work with gas tubes and gratings. I've also printed and copied the lyrics of the songs so the kids can follow along.( maybe even sing along??....ha,ha)

Very clear explanations and great modeling for the viewing audience. Excellent use of multiple technologies serving as a highly effective example of distance learning.

It was obvious that all of the participating scientists really enjoy their work. Thanks to ALL of you for your contributions!!

Tim McCollum
Charleston Middle School
Charleston, IL


All I can say is WOW! You did it again! A super show. Geoff and Erna, you keep moving the bar higher for each program. My students were glued and totally involved. One of my more "cynical eighth graders" [have you ever met one?] blew me away when I heard him say, "Those guys look like they are having so much fun with their work!" He was so involved that he was not even aware that the rest of us heard him. And yes, my classes did sing along.

Many thanks for such superb materials for the classroom. They can't be beat for quality of content and value. I'm having so much fun with this module.

I know we aren't finished with LFSun, but I have to ask WHAT'S NEXT??

Singing along with my students,

Susan Hurstcalderone
Washington, DC


Nicely done! Seeing solar scientists doing the same thing as eighth graders was awesome! I'm sure that students will make many, many connections viewing this tape. It made several abstract topics very human! The sequence on Doppler shift was great. After hearing the song and then seeing the image of the sun being red on one side and blue on the other was perfect! Poland's primitive demo with the colored filters was perfect!

I think this is PTK's best teaching tool yet.

Charlie Lindgren


I agree with Charles, nicely done PTKers! Thanks so much for a great learning tool.

My students nearly fell out of their chairs when Shannon's question got answered on line. This was a really neat experience for this girl, as school hasn't always been the best experience for her. Today the county music teacher came up to me and told me he had watched it from home and was amazed to hear that a student from our county had a question answered by a scientist. It really brings the learning experience home.

I really enjoyed seeing Geoff host the broadcast, another great personal touch!

Please also thank the scientists for answering the student's questions on-line.

I think that this is one of the key elements to the program- access to scientists that will work to help students find the answers to their questions. We discuss the questions and answers in class. One of the responses from Mr. Ireland was that they don't yet have the answer yet but with the help of SOHO, hope to discover the answer. I really appreciated the discussion that followed in my class about the "process" of discovery that is so important in science. I want my students to feel free to experience and experiment with science and to not expect every answer to be found in a text.

It was also neat for the students to "see" the scientist that they had read about in the Live from Sun Website. Each student was required to read about, write about and share information about one scientist. They were very pleased that "their scientist" was part of the broadcast.

My students each designed their own solar cooker, they now have to experiment with it at home for two weeks, writing a minimum of two lab sheets. We will then bring them all to school for a great "SUN DAY" Munch day-) Thanks for all the great recommended websites, it gave them some great ideas.

Ginny Dexter, Hydesville School, Hydesville CA


Hello PTKers,

We finally finished our first round of county tests ! Phew!

Today, we rewarded ourselves with the LFSUN program2. Because of testing, I had to tape the show. I promised my students I would not "sneak" preview the show. That was a hard promise to keep! I kept the tape under wraps at our local media center so as to avoid all temptation. But I am glad I waited ...and was able to experience the thrill of PTK along with my kids today on this wonderfully warm SUNSHINY day.

It was a big hit with my fourth graders! I had reserved our art/science room and we brought in the BIG TV. I had set up various centers -the bar magnets with filings, bells with mufflers, etc.. so they once again join in the various activities. Earlier in the day, students had been testing their UV bracelets, comparing the times and rates of change cloudy vs. sunny days.

I had shown the previous broadcast in "bits and pieces" , really using the first broadcast as a teaching resource. During this second broadcast, my students were now "getting it" , the pieces were coming together. You could see the "I get it" light turn on.

Of course the Chromatics were a big hit. My students knew their songs by heart (because I have been playing their CD since the beginning of the year) and they were excited to finally "meet" these very awesome scientists who sing cool songs. My students kept asking me, "Are you sure they are real scientists?" I assured they were, and scientists like teachers like to have fun too!

Big rounds of applause go out to the Geoff and the PTK staff . Once again, you are helping kids discover the wonder and discovery of science.

Marilyn Wall
recovering from our first round of testing
here in the Shenandoah Valley of VA
John Wayland Elem