Auroras - Living with a Star
Premieres Tuesday February 11, 2003

Image courtesy of NASA JSC

Franklin Chang-Diaz and Marsha Ivins are some of the humans who've experienced space weather most directly. But they're not daunted by the dangers of radiation or micro-meteorites. They think better understanding, new technologies, and new thinking will make it possible for humans to fly to Mars and explore the outer reaches of the solar system.

Just as we've now learned what causes the aurora and yet retained our ancient excitement about its unique beauty, we'll learn to respect space weather and navigate the new ocean of space about our planet. One of our Native Alaskan witnesses describes the aurora as a "dance of energy and light", a timeless response that's as accurate as any modern scientific description.

Images courtesy of
Alaska Native Heritage Center

Image courtesy of Jan Curtis

Paced once more by the rhythms of Maida Withers and the Dance Construction Company, we end by marveling again at the aurora's shapes and colors, while appreciating the many ways in which the Northern and Southern Lights show us our planet's deep connection to our local star.

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