J i m   S t e e n b u r g h
Jim Steenburgh
Assistant Professor, Department of Meteorology
University of Utah
CO-Principal Investigator, "IPEX"

     Although what I've described above suggests I spend a lot of time in the field, like most scientists I spend most of my time in front of a computer analyzing data, writing papers or research proposals, or preparing for classes. Being a professor requires juggling a lot of activities, including teaching and research. The demands are high and it forces me to spend more time in the office than I like. I'm very fortunate in teaching both undergraduate and graduate students and find my interactions with students to be the most rewarding part of my job. On tough days, I usually just go and talk with some of the students and in no time I'm feeling good again about what I do. In my spare time you'll find me either at home with my family, or in the mountains. I love to ski, hike, and mountain bike. I great thing about Utah is I can do all those things right in my backyard. The Wasatch backcountry is where I like to be!

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