[ Images and Information about Weather and Climate ]

[ Weather Images ]   A towering cumulonimbus cloud seen from space or from a plane that's soon to penetrate the eyewall of a hurricane... A satellite image of a storm like Hurricane Floyd, as large as the state of Texas... Whiteout conditions associated with the latest Nor'Easter... Fishermen off Ecuador with diminished catches... The narrow track of a tornado running right through a suburb of a large city...

   How things look reveals some aspects of how they work, and this section of the website provides some key information about the phenomena we'll see in the LIVE FROM THE STORM videos, and which you can explore in class or at home through some of the hands-on Activities suggested in the Teacher's Guide.

[ Drought ] Weather provides key facts on hurricanes, tornadoes, flash floods, winter storms, thunder and lightning, extreme heat, fire and tsunamis, as well as some dramatic images and timelapse animations.
[ Ozone Hole ]

Climate offers information and images on El Niño and La Niña and their global effects, drought, the Greenhouse Effect, global climate change and the ozone hole.

   Just as in every section of this website, there are also links to other excellent resources around the Wide World of Weather on the WWW. Check back early and often: as other weather and climate events make the headlines, we'll add additional sections!