"Tornadoes: Fierce Storms"

By: Jen L.
7th grade
Northley Middle School
Aston, Pa

  In Radcliff, Kentucky, sometime in April of 98, (which is part of tornado season), right before a tornado was about to hit our area, my neighbors and I were standing outside. It was only drizzling, but the wind was fierce. The wind was so fierce that it could knock you down. The sky was an ugly, shade of green and the branches and power lines were shaking uncontrollably.

  Ten minutes later, we went into the house, because a huge thunderstorm was starting. The wind was howling, and the rain hitting the roof sounded like rocks were being thrown at our house. In the distance, I could a noise that sounded like a train was passing by.

  Throughout the night we slept in the living, quivering and hoping the tornado won't come our way and to stay closer to the ground and stay away from windows. Which we were kind of used to, since this happens every year during tornado season.

  The next morning we awoke in relief that we were all safe and luckily, the tornado didn't hit our house, but it did hit a trailer park, a half a mile away. The trailer park was completely destroyed.